"Where our future begins"



In Lak'Ech Mission:

In Lak’Ech is a non profit organization that creates a platform that connects people and organizations to resources and to each other, all working in different ways towards common goals .

In Lak’Ech is a membership based non-profit organization whose primary goal is to promote awareness for transformation and to provide a solutions based platform for a sustainable future.  

In Lak'Ech has 501 C 3 Status therefore all donors enjoy the benefits of tax deductible donations.

In Lak'Ech's seven interconnected areas of emphasis are:

1. Mindfulness, meditation and spirituality

2. Holistic, integrative nutrition

3. Holistic, integrative wellness

4. The environment & renewable, sustainable and clean energy

5. Social justice and activism

6. Resource distribution and eradication of poverty

7. Art, culture and music